Suhagra Review

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Erectile dysfunction is becoming the growing cause of divorce and separation among many couples across the globe. This disorder is a disturbing condition that greatly affects a man sexual ability to attain and sustains the desired hard-on necessary to enjoy a healthy sexual life. This condition can happen at any time of the day depending upon the severity level its seriousness varies from person to person.

It is a very embarrassing and disturbing sexual condition that not only affects a man physically but it also greatly affects him psychologically. Erectile dysfunction not just affects a man sexual ability but it also greatly lowers his confidence and self-esteem.

Although it is very difficult to diagnose this condition you can see the doctor in case if you notice the frequent or occasional failure of erectile ability. Or in case you are unable to sustain it for a desired period of time.

Luckily, there are many popular and effective treatment option available in the market that is said to be much easier to use in comparison to all those old treatment options available in the market.

There are a lot of various ED pills as well as vacuum pump devices, self-injection, penile implants, vascular surgery, counseling, psychotherapy, etc.
The oral drug treatment is one of the most popular and the most trusted anti-impotence treatment which treats this condition highly effective and hardly causes any side effects.

The most popular ED medicine is sildenafil citrate. Suhagra is a popular drug containing sildenafil citrate that treats erectile dysfunction in men.

Take the drug according to your doctor instructions. Do not increase or decrease the dose without discussing or seeking proper advice from your doctor as this may lead to certain adverse effects.

Suhagra can be taken at any time of the day approximately an hour to 40 minutes before you wish to have sex. Do not repeat the dose for another 24 hours in order to avoid an overdose of this drug.

It is important to take this drug only with a glass of water and then make sure that you are not drinking alcohol.

This drug has a very simple working mechanism that basically works to enhance the circulation of blood and lets impotent men attain and sustain the desired hard-on necessary to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

Once you have taken the drug it will begin to show its effect in just 20-30 minutes from the time you have taken the drug and its effect will continue to last in your body for almost 4-5 hours from the time you have taken the pill.

Always remember to ask and inform your doctor in case if you are allergic to any of its chemical composition.

You should also inform your doctor whether you are taking any other nitrate-based drugs because the concomitant use may lead to certain adverse effects.

Take the drug only if you suffer from sexual dysfunction. Men above the age of 55 years or those suffering from any major health disorder associated with health, liver, kidney, spinal cord, prostate gland, high blood pressure, any recent injury to surgery, etc. must avoid taking this drug. Or take it under the strict medical guidance of your healthcare specialist.

There are common and rare side effects of Suhagra. They include a headache, loss of vision, nausea, blurred vision, body ache, high blood pressure, runny nose, dizziness, chronic chest pain, reddening of skin, feverish, itching, breathlessness, swelling of certain body parts, breathlessness, heart attack, stroke, etc.
In case any of the side effects mentioned above are becoming chronic or if it continues to last in your body for a long time, seek immediate medical support.