How Many Different Types of Orgasms Can Women Have?

types of orgasmsThere are many different types of orgasms we can enjoy if we should be so lucky!  Not all women are aware of the different types of orgasms they can have.  There is some debate as to the actual number but some experts say that number is as high as 12 different types.  Let’s have a look at them here so women can do some exploring and experimenting to improve their sex lives.

1) Clitoral orgasms are the most well-known orgasm and one of the more exciting as the clitoris is extremely sensitive too say the least.  With over 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris it is the most sensitive part of a women’s body and as a result, it makes for a very exciting orgasm.

2) Vaginal orgasms can take much longer (15-25 mins) to achieve than clitoral orgasms but are often more deeply felt than clitoral.  Try out many different positions while having sex to experience the new sensations each area of your vagina gives you and return to the one that feels like you could have a vaginal orgasm.  Also, changing positions frequently helps keep your partner from going over the edge before you get a chance of having an orgasm yourself!

3) Blended orgasms are incredible and are the best of both worlds!  They are extremely intense and can last twice as long as either clitoral or vaginal on their own.  Riding position (women on top) is the best position to achieve a blended orgasm.  But you will most likely have needed lots of clitoral and vaginal stimulation beforehand.  Blended orgasms are every woman’s dream.  The only thing better is multiple blended orgasms!

4) Multiple orgasms happen one right after the other, in succession.  They happen to women that can continue to be stimulated after their first, second, and yes third and fourth… and so on for these extremely lucky women.  It is said that women that can experience multiple blended orgasms are the happiest woman on earth.  We believe her!

5) G-Spot orgasms are considered the most intense orgasm of any, on their own.  They often can be felt throughout the entire body, resulting in leg shaking and sometimes even whole body shaking.  These are extremely powerful orgasms.  Some women will squirt (female ejaculation) while having a g-spot orgasm.  Many experts claim squirting is an orgasm in itself but we don’t agree.  Just like with men, ejaculation and orgasm are two different things.  Ejaculation is simply a by-product of orgasm with most men.  We say most men because there are men that have learned how not to ejaculate while having orgasm.  They build up a “dam” and cycle the semen back, through their system internally while having multiple orgasms.  Just how lucky is the woman that has a man that can have multiple orgasms without ejaculating!  Yesss, please!

6) U-Spot orgasms are not as well know but they are indeed wonderful.  The U-Spot is located in the area that immediately surrounds your urethra.  It is called the U-Spot because the U shaped area does not extend below the urethra.  Seeing that is where the vagina is.  The U-Spot that surrounds the urethra is a very sensitive tissue area that is spongy and erectile.  Much like the clitoris, it is an area found outside the vagina that fills with blood during arousal and is highly pleasurable when licking or gently stroking with wet fingers.

sexual zones

7) A-Spot orgasms (Anterior Fornix Orgasms) are more common than U-Spot orgasms.  This area is inside the vagina, where the U-Spot is outside the vagina.  You will find the A-Spot on the front wall, just like the G-Spot, but further inside the vagina by about 4-5 inches.  The A-Spot is where women can have multiple orgasms seeing it’s not as sensitive as the G-Spot and women can easily continue stimulation after having an orgasm.  This is what allows for women to have multiple A-Spot orgasms.  There are lots of positions like, missionary or riding position that can access the A-Spot.  Try them out until you feel which one is best for you.

8) Deep Spot orgasms (Posterior Fornix Orgasms) are the rarest of female orgasms.  The Posterior Fornix is located in the deepest part of the vagina.  Way in the back, just past the External OS (cervix) opening.  Where the A-Spot is just before the External OS (cervix) opening.  Not many women have experienced or are even aware of Deep Spot – Posterior Fornix orgasms.  Deep Spot orgasms can be very intense and enjoyable.

9) Breast orgasms are not something that all women will experience.  It depends on the sensitivity of your nipples.  What makes a breast orgasm possible is because of all the nerves in the nipples connected with our genitals.  Many women feel an instant connection with their clitoris when their nipples are stimulated.  This can result in a wonderful breast orgasm.

10) Oral orgasms (Mouth Orgasms) are very rare and are a result of a woman kissing, licking, or giving oral sex to their partner.  These women get sensations starting in their lips and mouth, then the sensations go down to their genitals and spread all through their bodies.  This reason this is possible is that the mouth, tongue, and lips play a key role in our sexual nervous system.  To which everything is connected by nerves.  Some women’s nerves are more sensitive than others.  Allowing them to have orgasms in their mouth.

11) Mental orgasms might be even rarer than all orgasms.  These women have orgasms just by hearing certain noises, music, or watching movies.  Certain auditory sounds or images invoke erotic signals to the brain and these women find themselves having mental orgasms that can be felt throughout their entire bodies.  Strange and not well known to many, but it’s true!

12) Breath orgasms are very pleasurable and extremely intense!  The great thing about breath orgasms is that almost anyone can have one and it’s a great, intimate way to connect with your partner.  You really need a partner for this type of orgasm, as it’s hard to have one on your own, but not impossible.  Many women that do yoga, and practice ‘microcosmic orbit’ breathing can have a breath orgasm all on their own, but it’s much easier and way more exciting with a partner.  You don’t need any thrusts or grinding to have a breath orgasm, though that may happen during orgasm.  You want to relax.  Simply sit face to face and nose to nose while your partner is inside you.  As your partner exhales out their nose, you begin to inhale through your nose.  Your breathing in is your partners breathing out.  So when you exhale out through your nose, your partner inhales through their nose, back and forth.  Relax and keep this cycle going.  As you are inhaling, visualize energy being inhaled up, from your partner’s genitals through to yours, up your spine (back of your body), all the way to your head.  Then when you exhale, visualize the same energy traveling down the front of your body, to your genitals, then out your genitals to your partners.  This creates a micro-cosmic orbit (cycle) that goes up the back of your body, from your partner, then back down the front of your body, into your partner, while in sync with each others breath.  When this orgasm starts, it is EXTREMELY intense and can be felt in every fiber of your being!  Once it starts it usually doesn’t take long to lift off!